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The Management of Cerfrit, S.A., proclaims this Policy Statement and General Quality Objectives for its activity of design, development and production of frits and ceramic enamels, screen printing pastes and the sale of pigments, and commits to disseminate them, enforce them and monitor their compliance throughout the company, and what comes to their customers, their suppliers and other interested parties.
  • Considers that personal and business honesty is a basic value in any of our internal relationships with our suppliers, customers, with the current legislation and in the society in which it develops, it will always maintain an honest behavior in all our relationships.
  • It considers essential the fulfillment of the requirements offered to the clients, as well as the requirements established by the legislation, consolidating the confidence of the same in our company.
  • The highest priority is to obtain and serve products of the highest quality in the sectors of frits, glazes and colors, being as respectful as possible with the physical health of people and the environment.
  • To design and provide high quality products, that will constantly meet the needs of our customers. It will try to clarify, make realistic and operative the specifications of its products, seeking to improve the results of them through a close collaboration client-supplier, which prevents the appearance of problems and nonconformities.
  • In order to maintain high competitiveness, Cerfrit will promote the development of its technical and operational capacity, the constant renewal and innovation of its facilities, and the education and training of all its personnel in the professional, technical and management aspects.
  • Cerfrit will adopt a preventive approach for quality management based on the identification and evaluation of internal and external risks and opportunities, developing an action plan whose follow-up allows the continuous improvement of the management system and the organization's own performance.
  • We will constantly increase the productivity of our facilities and people through continuous quality improvement. Our goal is to get the best possible product at the lowest cost.
  • Cerfrit will respond to all the dissatisfactions made by our clients, both in the form of complaints and claims and will have as our main objective to provide customers with the necessary means to avoid them.
  • We will enhance the creative participation of all the people of the company in the solution of problems and in a continuous improvement.
Eva Gimeno Barrachina

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